power meeting from above Choose a firm that knows your business and has the right experience. If you can find a firm whose recruiters have direct work experience in your industry, the search process becomes easier.

Recognize that some searches yield results in a matter of days while others may take several weeks or months. A reputable executive search firm, such as Sales Executives, Inc., provides you with an expectation of the amount of time needed to successfully complete your search. Remain wary of any firm promising immediate results. Matching the right talent to a position takes time.

We are a specialty recruiting service that assists companies in locating, qualifying and placing sales and sales management personnel. Our electronic recruiting database includes sales representatives and sales managers from every geographic area of the United States. This database is the starting point and reference resource for all searches we conduct.

We believe that one of a company’s strongest differentiators is its ability to attract, hire, motivate and retain the best people. Our job is to find you the very best employees for your organization.

Sales Executives, Inc. will partner with your company to overcome hiring challenges, cut through search process overhead and deliver a short list of highly qualified proven sales talent that will positively impact your bottom line. Our magic is simply hard work and good service!

If you are interested in a retained search, please see our "Retained Executive Search Process" Have it hyperlink to this page:

Retained Executive Search Process

iStock_000000248341XSmall APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY

Our approach and methodology for a retained executive search is tailored to meeting the client’s needs and strategic goals. Our normal approach for conducting an executive search assignment consists of a series of steps as set forth below:

Knowledge and complete understanding of your organization

Following our authorization to proceed with a search, we build upon our existing knowledge of the client company to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of its history, structure, operations, culture and strategic direction. We will confirm the profile of the personal characteristics the client believes are common to their successful key executives. We ask for any relevant printed material that would be helpful to us in the search engagement. This would include information regarding employee benefits, publicly known financial and market information, product or service literature, and the company’s organizational structure. Our objective is to know as much as possible about your firm prior to discussing the opportunity with our prospective candidates.

Knowing the particulars and position specifications

Based on discussions with the company and our knowledge of criteria for similar positions, we will compose a draft position specification for review with the hiring manager. This confidential document describes basic responsibilities, title, reporting relationships, education, professional experience, and personal characteristics required to meet desired performance criteria. It will serve as the basis for determining whom we contact during the course of the search and it will be shared with potential candidates.

Selecting qualified candidates

Our research staff will focus on identifying qualified potential candidates who are presently employed at companies that have the characteristics our client seeks. We will rely on our 35 years of experience, use our proprietary database, our website and other sources, which include individuals we know within related industries. Accordingly, it is our practice to cast a wide net in our research efforts so that we do not overlook the ideal potential candidate for our client’s needs. Research and hard work is critical to the art of locating individuals who meet the position specifications and who have demonstrated patterns of accomplishment and success in similar positions that closely match client requirements.

Screening, Interviewing and presenting qualified candidates

Our search assignments are accepted on an exclusive basis only. Therefore, we will interview all candidates, regardless of source, for consistent evaluation of the entire group of candidates being interviewed. Our process is to contact prospective candidates and conduct initial telephone interviews to determine who might fit the search criteria. At this stage, it is our objective to provide only the information required to convince each potential candidate that our client’s opportunity is a position they should consider. Then, we exchange information and determine those candidates who are most appropriate for further consideration. Next, we conduct personal interviews to evaluate these potential candidates, verifying their educational backgrounds, past income , actual past performance and running preliminary reference checks, as appropriate.

We offer frequent status updates to the client giving them an idea of those candidates we intend to interview or have interviewed in person, candidates we have contacted along with their comments, and candidates that are still in the pipeline but not yet screened. We continue to build upon this research and candidate progress until the search is complete.

Once we select acceptable candidates, they are pre-qualified, interviewed, and education verified, we present their credentials to the employer. Each candidate summary contains the executive profiles, compensation information, personal background summaries, and an evaluative of each candidate’s professional experience to assist in consideration of their qualifications.

Subsequently, we work with all parties to coordinate arrangements for hiring executives and others in the company’s organization to conduct in-depth interviews with the selected final group of prospective individuals. In this way, our clients are able to select the candidate who best meets that specifications for the position.

Conducting reference checks

It is our practice to speak directly with individuals who are currently, or have been, in a position to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job. This is generally completed after presentation of the candidate for consideration but prior to extending a job offer. Also, we always verify undergraduate and graduate degrees and when appropriate, military experience prior to presenting our candidates.

Attracting the preferred candidate

The company and their hiring authority always makes the final selection and formal offer of employment. We assist our client in recruiting the final candidate of choice. Due to our knowledge of the competitive landscape, we can provide clients with information that is useful in negotiating a mutually acceptable income package, review any non-compete clauses and offer additional advice regarding issues that could come into play in finalizing an employment offer.


It is our experience that the most successful search assignments are those in which we work in partnership with our clients. The following are unique contributions our clients bring to the recruitment process:

  • Advise us of those areas relevant to the search that must be kept confidential.
  • Provide timely feedback regarding information contained in the job specification.
  • Forward to us all career details of any suitable candidates, regardless of source, from within and from outside their organization, so that we may evaluate them as a part of the search.
  • Respond in a timely fashion concerning your interest level in the candidates presented.
  • Schedule candidate interviews promptly and report feedback to us  quickly.
  • Provide thorough information to candidates about the your firm and the position so that they can make an informed career decision.

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