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Our search firm partners with growing companies on both a contingency and a retainer basis to help them find the very best sales and sales management talent possible.  If you are a successful Sales Professional,  a rising star or an experienced sales manager, Sales Executives, Inc. can help you make that invaluable connection with quality companies in your field of expertise.  Our candidate services include:

  • Employment opportunities matching your unique selling talents and aspirations
  • Career counseling and directions on how to achieve one’s professional goals
  • Help in creating a highly effective sales resume that gets results
  • Interview preparation and constructive personal feedback
  • Offer valuable on-line resources for interview preparation such as
  • Guide through the salary and benefit negotiation process
  • Confidentiality and trusted mentoring throughout your career search and advancement process

As a highly respected Executive Search firm all of our fees are paid by the employing company.  There is no charge to candidates for using our services.


Confidentiality is always a major concern for candidates.  Be assured that we take the necessary steps to ensure privacy at all times.

Submit Resume

To register with our firm, please email  your resume to one of our specialty account executives.  If we are engaged in a search that aligns with your background, will contact you immediately to discuss the opportunity. All correspondence is now electronic, in that we no longer accept resumes that are faxed or mailed.


We appreciate referrals to other successful sales/management professionals in the field.  Please feel free to recommend Sales Executives, Inc. to any friend, colleague or competitor you think highly of, or let us know who they are and we will contact them confidentially.


  • Update your resume before you send it to us.
  • Be prepared to discuss your experience, career goals, salary, corporate culture requirements, benefits and geographic location when we call you.
  • Be honest about your skills, experience, preferences, salary, education, references, etc.
  • Be up front with us when we contact you about a position—let us know if you are not interested.
  • When we set up an interview, take time to research the company and find out as much as you can beyond the information we have given you.
  • Do not get discouraged if you don’t get a call from us immediately. We are trying to find the right job for you—this takes time.  Please note that while all submitted resumes are carefully reviewed but time and working constraints may not allow us to personally respond to every candidate.

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